At only 31 years of age, Harry Bauer Rodrigues — better known as Baauer — has scooped Billboard awards, remixed John Williams’ Star Wars score and landed a certifiable viral smash with 2012’s “Harlem Shake.” Baauer’s latest landmark is PLANET’S MAD, the new record he’s launching today, representing his musical high water mark and a bright spot for electronic music fans amidst a turbulent global climate.

Baauer’s just-launched Twitch stream, his preferred lockdown activity, is another point of solace for fans seeking distraction and entertainment. Between his live streams, wardrobe exploration and bread-making, the New York-based musician has plenty on his plate.

What’s your daily routine?

Wake up late-ish, make my coffee. Breakfast — my absolute favorite meal. Then I mess around ’til its time to Twitch stream. That has been so much fun and such a silver lining to this thing. When it’s 7 p.m. and everyone is making noise for the healthcare workers I go and do that, then make some dinner. Every day.

Where in your home do you like to work?

I love to make beats laying down in bed or on the couch. That’s my primo music-making position. But lately I’ve been at my home studio setup; my neighbors cannot be happy by now.

What do you wear while working from home? Are you still shopping for clothes?

I’m trying to wear all the stuff I bought over the years that I never ended up wearing, stuff that’s too loud or just not practical. No one really sees me so it’s fine. I found that’s a good way to keep feeling good. And yeah, I’ve gotten a couple things just recently. I’m not gonna get any more though, feels bad to make people deliver stuff that isn’t essential.

What are you eating now?

I’m one of those people making bread — I’m not taking photos of it though, so I feel OK. Sourdough is a huge pain in the ass and takes so much flour. Is it rewarding? Not really. It’s been great cooking a lot. Eating a lot less meat; although, I never really knew how to roast a chicken before and now I can.

How do you stay in a good headspace while in isolation?

There are good days and bad days and I haven’t found a way around that. I never would have thought it but live-streaming has been such a good outlet. And I have all these friends who I don’t know at all, but they are always in the chat. It’s fun.

What are you listening to, watching and doing for fun?

Listening to a lot of podcasts as usual, I like to hear people talk. I’m re-watching The Sopranos and loving every minute of it, I want to copy Tony’s style. And for fun, besides making beats… puzzles. I never thought I’d be doing puzzles but they’re good for this situation.

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