Less than two years since turning pro, 24-year-old Yoshi Tanenbaum has been on an absolute tear, and the latest accolade to his name is earning the title of the gnarliest trick ever landed at The Berrics‘ indoor skatepark — two tricks actually.

“Everyone’s done so much crazy sh*t [here], what could I bring to the table,” reminisces Tanenbaum. “For me I had to do that. Even if someone else did it, I probably would’ve still came and did it, because in my mind that’s the trick.” Landing an insane cab flip first, the Stereo Skateboards rider came back and outdid himself with a even-gnarlier gazelle flip.

Listen in above as Tanenbaum and The Berrics’ Chase Gabor look back on those crazy days at the park.

In related news, Berrics linked up with TATRAS for a limited-edition apparel collection.

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