Rag & Bone Standard Issue Leather Sneakers

Save $90+: A premium leather sneaker, from one of the most respected NYC-based style houses. (One of our writers swears by Rag & Bone sneakers.)

TRX Straps

Save $20+: Among the most versatile (and effective, if you know what you’re doing) pieces of gym equipment ever designed. Better yet: you can mount it just about anywhere in your home.

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Save $20: Books are good. E-readers are better. (Sorry, every library ever.)

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American Trench Fingerless Gloves In Merino / Cashmere

Save 15%: Merino/cashmere blend gloves, knit using a special process — “whole knitting” — that produces no itchy seams. (A bit like how your grandmother knits hats, but on a machine.) The gloves are then washed to be made as soft and form-fitting as possible. Use the discount code TRENCH to shave 15% off.

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