Mattresses are built to last, on average, between six and eight years. So think of this: if you upgraded to a new mattress at 21, you should swap at 27. When you hit the mid-30s, it’s time to upgrade, along with about each half-decade after that. And while most mattress buys come with change of life — you move from Twin to Twin XL in college, Twin XL to Full or Queen post-school, then Queen to King/Cal King a bit later in life — there are often gap periods where your sleep pad needs a boost, and that change is often overlooked.

Sleeping in the “V” of a post-expiration-date mattress is a surefire way to drop quality of sleep (and therefore life “at large”) exponentially. It can also lead to muscle fatigue, back pain, and drops in mental acuity. Those seven to nine hours of slumber are vital for muscle recovery, brain processing (memory “indexing” occurs during sleep) and resetting the neurological system. It’s our body’s defragging time, and it needs to process uninterrupted; without the proper mattress, though, this vital time can’t reach optimization.

Enter the cleanly designed, premium-comfort, online-available mattresses from breakout startup Casper (TIME named their mattress one of the Best Inventions of 2015). The mattress, wrapped in a removable, washable cover, features a hypoallergenic latex top layer, which provides appropriate “bounce” and is designed with an open-cell design to keep you cool (sweaty sleep is not good sleep). Below that, a memory foam layer distributes weight and relieves pressure points. And at the base, a 6.5-inch layer of core support ensures the mattress’s stability and durability.

At a starting cost of half a grand (for a Twin; $850 for a queen), it leaves enough cash to toss in two new pillows ($75 each) and a new pair of sheets ($180 for complete set) yet still shut the laptop well before you spend what a typical entry-level bed at a big-box store would cost. Give Casper a few days to deliver (free shipping), and your mattress arrives at your door for a 100-day test period. If you’re unsatisfied during those few months, return it free of cost.

That optimized time between eye’s shut and the alarm’s chime will lead to a sharper mind and more able body — and, in a world begging to find one-hit wonders that improve quality of life, the click of a button to improve your time doing nothing (sleeping) is perhaps the best and most cost-effective magic “pill” on the market.

Take $50 off your purchase by using the coupon code “gearpatrol” at checkout.

For those in NYC, visit Casper’s NoHo apartment showroom to test out a mattress for yourself. 45 Bond Street, between Bowery and Lafayette.

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