This week we (finally) got our first dose of burning cheeks and knife-sharp winds in NYC. After about 5 minutes of “enjoying the winter weather,” I was ready for a warming Scotch, a hot shower, and a heavy wool blanket. Fortunately, the best stories from this week are warming in all the right ways. – Chris Wright

Words Without Context

A Notable Quote from the Week

“At a recent event, US Open Champion Dustin Johnson smacked a golf ball, eyed its flight through the air, and declared that it was ‘gonna be long.’”
– Andrew Haynes

Adventure Vehicles for the Snowpocalypse

Since this year’s Snowpocalypse is expected to be a repeat of last year, or even worse, it’s best to prepare now and get yourself a vehicle that will see you through it.

It’s Hard Cider Time

Warm up from the inside out, using cider’s best trick: wild apples.

Winter Cycling Kits

Because our outdoor writers are crazy enough to get some ride time in when the wind chill is near zero.

Why a Mechanical Watch Is the Perfect Gift

Heartwarming words from our watch columnist, Robin Swithinbank, on a Rolex that was passed down to him.

Nostalgia for the Moon

This week we lost John Glenn, and we remembered leaving the moon for the last time, 44 years ago. Here’s to the magic of keeping human life alive in the cold depths of space.

The Best Synthetic Downs of 2017

Give a goose a break, and still stay toasty.

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