Grilling isn’t just about food. It’s about communion, taking it slow and connecting with friends old and new. Then again, a perfectly charred sirloin or a savory steak sauce are both good reasons to gather around the fire. Here’s your guide to doing it right.

For a Perfectly Charred Steak, Cook Directly on Charcoal

Commonly referred to as the “Eisenhower” method, cooking meat direct to charcoal gives it a delicious earthiness. Not to mention a perfect crust.

Your Guide to Charcoal Grills


For an analog grilling experience that allows total control, go with charcoal.

How to Make the Last Steak Sauce You’ll Ever Need


There’s something profound, maybe even a little magical, about a good steak sauce. And chimichurri is the king of them all.

It’s Time to Buy a Better Steak Knife


Take a long, hard look at your set of steak knives. Time to upgrade?

The Beers, Wines and Cocktails to Drink this Summer


Summer calls for its own genre of cool, casual drinks. Here’s your guide. Read the Story

3 Easy-to-Make Alternatives to the Classic Hamburger


Three acclaimed chefs each make alternatives to the classic beef hamburger.

3 Vegetable Sides to Complement Your Steak


What’s a steak without the supporting cast?

Kielbasa, Chorizo, Bratwurst: How They’re Different, and How They’re Cooked


In this visual survey, we’ve picked out 11 sausages that are upgrades to the standard ballpark and backyard barbecue hot dog.

How to Make Texas-Style Brisket Like a Pitmaster


Chef Ash Fulk of Hill Country thinks that Texas-style barbecue is truth on a plate. We stopped by to investigate.

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