The hardest-hitting news stories this week related to the publishing of the Panama Papers, 11.5 million documents originally provided to the Süddeutsche Zeitung that implicate many highly placed politicians and businessmen in using offshore bank accounts to hide lots and lots of money from taxation. We recommend that you sort through the wreckage, and when you’re done and in the mood for a pick-me-up, turn your attention to the 20th Annual Webby Awards. We’re honored to be nominated as one of the best lifestyle sites on the web (a category we won last year) and we could use your help by voting for us in the “People’s Choice” contest. We appreciate it, and in return: an early look at Hasselblad’s new medium-format camera, a guide to the best summer music festivals, 20 beers you should drink now (not all at once) and much more. Enjoy your weekend. – Jeremy Berger

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A Notable Quote From The Week

“But the real heavyweight, Foreman/Ali fight right now is going on between Phase One and Hasselblad to see who can make the best medium-format digital camera system. This is the major battle to decide who can make the best camera on earth.”
– Henry Phillips

No Scandal, Just Great Stories

Beer, Food and Motorcycles

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The 20 Best American IPAs


Still think Goose Island IPA is craft beer? Time to restock your fridge with some real craft American IPAs worth the buzz.

Style Guide: What to Wear to the Masters


Masters style is all about cool, comfortable gentility. Here’s the best picks.

Our 20 Favorite Indie Food Magazines


In 20 magazines, a survey of the new crop of food journalism from around the globe.

A Sneak Peek Inside New York’s Stunning New Car Mecca


We explored Classic Car Club Manhattan’s new space and got the lowdown on what to expect from the finished product.

Inside the Company Treating Motorcycles Like Works of Art


It takes a lot to stand out in the custom motorcycle market. But Daryl Villanueva and Bandit9 Motorcycles are creating works of art that challenge the status quo.

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