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Beacon Jacket by AETHER

Well, we found it. This is pretty much the perfect spring shell given that it’s waterproof, breathable, seam sealed and wind resistant — all in a slim-flitting construction utilizing a three-layer, twill-weave fabric. Design details include adjustable hood and cuffs and plenty of pockets, including interior zippered pockets to stash your small stuff. Weatherproof two-way zippers open at side-seam vents that help regulate body temperature and keep you moving comfortably.

URB-E Folding Electric Scooter


35 pounds, a 20-mile range, top speed of 15 mph and only 4 hours for a full charge. That’s the relevant info here. But if you’re still reading, here’s some advice: most scooters will make any commuter look like a complete dork. This one makes you look smart. Just sayin’.

Swiza Swiss Army Knives


Swiss Army knives have been around in some capacity for about 125 years. The last several decades have seen few design changes, at least on basic models, because, really, why modify what doesn’t suck? Afterall, pocketknives are a fact of life. Swiza have given the classic knife a redesign, but it doesn’t suck either. Their modern interpretation boasts a svelte new shape — for ease of opening with either hand — and a softer, grippier surface.

Omni 360-Degree Camera Rig by GoPro


GoPro, ever the first to market with unbeatable action camera tech, has just revealed their newest creation, made in response to the 360-degree VR video craze that’s taken media by storm. The Omni is a cube structure that houses six murdered-out Hero4 units, which will work in tandem to capture video of everything everywhere.

Pallaville BGY TXSN Boot by Palladium


The next evolution from Palladium are these lightweight, forward-thinking boots. Uppers are constructed of synthetic nubuck and canvas-lined ballistic nylon for toughness. Those uppers are paired with a rubber-and-EVA outsole for cushioning and grip.

Baby Monitoring System by Kodak


Used to be, when you wanted to keep track of a tot you’d have to either duct tape down the transmit button of a crappy walkie-talkie or devise a janky system of tin cans and cotton string. (Or maybe that was just us…?) Regardless, Kodak has developed something FAR BETTER than anything you’ve used before. 180-degree views of crispy HD video and two-way digital audio keep you in touch with the little one. Furthermore, the thing’s equipped with automatic night vision, a sleep tracker and a nightlight. Always need the nightlight.

Vincent Cassel Is Vuarnet’s New Ambassador


Pop quiz: what French eyewear brand with Olympic heritage that just landed the perfect spokesman? Yep, everyone’s favorite mysterious Parisian gentleman actor, the inimitable Vincent Cassel, is the new Vuarnet ambassador. He’s our kind of guy: endlessly stylish and charismatic, and an outdoors enthusiast. We’d say that as far as exquisite French pairings go, this match is — how do you say? — très magnifique. Even better, you can win a pair of Vuarnet mineral-lens sunglasses by entering their contest.

Ask Business Coat by Helly Hansen


If you’re doing business, shouldn’t you also, then, look the business? Helly Hansen is in the business of producing terrific technical apparel and gear; take that formula and apply it to a modern overcoat and, well, that’s the business. Water doesn’t phase the Ask, wind won’t pierce it — but it’s breathable and features a removable down vest to put the cold in its place, too.

Waterproof 12.9-Inch iPad Pro Case by Catalyst


We like scrolling through Facebook and cursing all the happy people during our baths too. Until the water gets cold and we’ve used the “angry” reaction on literally every birth announcement from high school crushes. But, um, anyway — this case is waterproof to 2 meters, which means it’ll take every splish and splash you toss its way, whether in the tub or a rain shower. Touch ID and Apple Pencils still work, and we’re still so alone.

Pavilion Speaker by Hult Design


The concrete base is the star in this beautiful design, providing stability and looks, while a copper spiral produces smooth bass sounds. Drivers from Tymphany sing the higher range. Touch-capacitive controls and Bluetooth connectivity round out the tech.

H2O Ninja Snorkelling Mask


In the good ol’ days you’d have to clamp your chompers down on a chemical-tasting tube in order to tenuously avoid dying while getting close-up looks at coral. This here innovation gently clamps onto the perimeter of your entire face so you can breathe and see normally, since the snorkel portion is located behind your head. GoPro-compatible versions are also available.

Mojave Jacket by Iron & Resin x Vanson Leathers


14-ounce waxed cotton canvas stands in for leather in this three-season collab moto jacket. Plenty of pockets, buckle closures and articulated joints join the party, as does a herringbone flannel lining.

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker


Whether you constantly impress guests or just yourself (no judgement) with your fly pour-over skills, we can all agree non-drip coffee just tastes better to everyone, right? You’ve got that covered, but does your pour-over rig look anywhere near this good? We’re partial to the 51-ounce version, with its large mouth-blown glass base and rubber grip at the neck (available in a few different colors).

Warby Parker Summer Collection


Perennial eyewear favorite Warby Parker just released a summer collection that you’ve got to see. As usual, all styles are stylish as heck, and start at a rather doable $95.

BET Vodka


There’s a borscht joke in here somewhere — while we’re thinking of one, here’s the lowdown. Since American sugar beets are predominately sourced from Minnesota, it only makes sense that two innovative fellas would take the aforementioned root vegetable and make some booze out of it. After all, what the hell else are vegetables good for? Not available outside of Minnesota — yet.

Oakley Pitchman R


Party in the front, business on the sides? Or is it party on the sides, classic style in the front? Not sure, but any way you cut it, these retro-meets-modern eyeglass frames from Oakley are #killingit. There’s tech involved too — the hinges are fashioned after hubless moto wheels, so you don’t have to worry about having a screw loose. (Because there aren’t any to begin with.)

Captain America Motorcycle Helmet


Juuuuust to be clear: wearing this helmet won’t give super-scrawny guys massive, hulking muscles. Or super strength. Or Chris Evans’s arresting good looks. Or Sam Jackson’s cell number. BUT. This officially licensed gear from HJC features removable, moisture-wicking SuperCool interior pads; an anti-scratch Pinlock-ready shield with 95 percent UV protection; and an advanced air-channeling system to keep your noggin cool.

New Instant Camera by Impossible Project


Inspired by everyone’s favorite instant photo camera of yore, this fully modern rig recharges via USB and shoots on original 600-type Polaroid film as well as The Impossible Project’s own 600-type film.

Averill Rucksack by Finn


This is the best kind of mixed bag we can imagine. Materials like English bridle leather, 18-ounce waxed twill canvas and 10-ounce waxed canvas combine with brass hardware combine to form a bag that’s ready for most any stylish adventure you’ve got in mind. Multiple colorways, including a camo-trimmed option, are available and plentiful pockets do all the duty your EDC requires.

Buckhorn Snap Shirt by Western Rise


This is your new mountain-ready shirt, whether you’re high in the Rockies or deep in a metropolitan cavern. It’s packed with technical characteristics: UPF 30+ sun protection, underarm vents cut with lasers and Nanotex water resistance. The snap-front shirt’s subdued style belies its other extras: a hidden lanyard and reflective details under the cuffs make this a Western shirt for everyday, everywhere use.

Motionize Virtual Kayaking Coach


If you’re a hardcore kayaker, prepare for data nirvana. This device uses multiple sensors to monitor every stroke you make to see how far you travel with each stroke, how many you take each session, how your stroke rate compares to your heart rate and more. See a live analysis to improve in real time and pore over it all on shore with a connected app.

Utopia Print Series by Studio Esinam


The brutalist architectural style came to prevalence in the ’50s and carried on for a couple decades. Marked by harsh concrete structures that convey zero comfort, buildings from that era are found throughout the country. And now they can be found in your living room by way of beautiful prints in multiple sizes. It’s up to you to decide just how brutal you want to be.

Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown Ale


The third special release from Founders in 2016 is this rich, 9% ABV Imperial Brown Ale. Chocolate malt, caramel and flaked barley combine with Sumatran coffee to make what we can only assume (and will hopefully find out) is a tasty new coffee brew.

Materia by Muroexe


One-piece uppers with integrated tongues make bold statements in this release from Spanish brand Muroexe. Those uppers are married to EVA outsoles, while a Lycra liner keeps everything in place and comfortable. Three colorways are available, named Solid, Liquid and Gas.



By our estimates, the only people throughout history who didn’t like fun pancake shapes were all dead before pancakes were invented. Everyone likes fun pancake shapes. Now you can set a fun pancake factory on your damn kitchen counter, so forget about “normal” dinners for a while. Use templates from the online PancakeBot community (yup) or design your own.

Velomacchi Speedway Gloves


If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect gloves to complete your superhero costume moto gear, your search ends now. These are old-school throwbacks, and would fit right in with the orignal X-Men ’70s moto stars like Kenny Roberts and his contemporaries. Features include deerskin palms, tougher goatskin backsides, conductive patches on the thumbs and pointer fingers for the Batwing your phone…plus a goggle wipe, brass rivet details and rubber strips that run the length of your adamantium claws knuckles.

Gear Patrol Magazine


The first issue of Gear Patrol magazine is a near-300-page book full of exclusive stories, interviews and photography, all documenting our journeys to places around the globe that deserve exploration. Just like our online work, we write every word and print each page with you in mind — only you can hold these in your hands. Consider this, and every forthcoming issue, dedicated to you personally.

Charcoal Bleecker Hoody by Bespoken


Garments from Bespoken have a way of taking familiar pieces and turning them just the right number of degrees, rendering the final product more special, a better fit and a somehow more stylish look than what you’re accustomed to. Here’s a sweatshirt that you could take to the gym, but you should wear out in public. The public will be glad you did.

Wander Ware Drinkware


You love those enamelware tumblers at the campsite, right? And the mugs? So rustic of you. Go upscale but keep the durability quotient with wine goblets, rocks glasses and martini glasses made of every outdoorsman’s favorite tough stuff.

Colorware Retro iMac


Based on the original Apple IIe computer, this thoroughly modern iMac Retina 5k looks the throwback part. It comes with a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and each is engraved with its serial number, 1-25.

Pelican Air Cases


Protective cases don’t get much more rugged, famous or cool-looking than Pelican’s lineup. If you’re Batman, you store your gear in Pelican cases; if you’re just awesome and have awesome stuff, you do the same. These all-new Air cases are up to 40 percent lighter than other Pelican cases, with no compromises in terms of security or toughness. Air cases will be introduced in six sizes currently unavailable in other Pelican lines, featuring plenty of interior configuration options and far more on the way. Available May 1.

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