Introducing the Lytro Cinema, play PS4 games on a Mac or PC, a camera for those nostalgic about Polaroid and more.

Lytro Cinema Allows Directors to Refocus Video in Post-Production

Lytro, the imaging company known for light-field technology, announced a revolutionary camera for filmmakers: the Lytro Cinema. As they claim, it’s “the first professional Light Field solution for cinema.” Arguably the coolest thing about it is that it allows users to refocus their footage in post-production.

An App to Better Organize Your Photos


Whether you’re iPhone or Android users, keeping track of your best photos can be a hassle, and unwanted photos are a waste of space. Slidebox lets you easily trash unwanted photos by swiping, Tinder-style, and easily create and organize albums.

Play PS4 Games on Your Mac or PC: Here’s How


That’s right, no PS4 console required. With the new software update, PS4 Remote Play, all you need to play PS4 games on your computer is a PS4 controller, USB cable, and a strong internet connection. You’ll also need to be a PS4 owner with a Sony Entertainment Network account.

A $49 Portable Game Console


Meet Pockulus. It’s similar to Google Cardboard in that they’re both, as Wired calls them, low-end VR headsets. But unlike Cardboard, Pockulus doesn’t require a smartphone to work. It does, however, require you to 3D print a bezel so that you can actually wear it.

The Impossible Project’s First Camera


Named the I-1, the camera uses 600-type film, which was reverse engineered from the Polaroid 600 film of old, and has an innovative flash system and autofocus. Still nostalgic about your discontinued Polaroid? The I-1 arrives in May. PetaPixel has the scoop.

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