Good Morning and happy Wednesday. Question: ever use the bathroom? Follow up: ever use a bathroom in a completely incredible setting? We’re already looking at plane tickets. But before you… go… here’s what’s good in gear: a new pour-over pot so you can make coffee like a hero, a new Polaroid-film-compatible film from some design heroes, a moto helmet that’ll make you look like a superhero and much more.

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

Whether you constantly impress guests or just yourself (no judgement) with your fly pour-over skills, we can all agree non-drip coffee just tastes better to everyone, right? You’ve got that covered, but does your pour-over rig look anywhere near this good? We’re partial to the 51-ounce version, with its large mouth-blown glass base and rubber grip at the neck (available in a few different colors).

Warby Parker Summer Collection


Perennial eyewear favorite Warby Parker just released a summer collection that you’ve got to see. As usual, all styles are stylish as heck, and start at a rather doable $95.

BET Vodka


There’s a borscht joke in here somewhere — while we’re thinking of one, here’s the lowdown. Since American sugar beets are predominately sourced from Minnesota, it only makes sense that two innovative fellas would take the aforementioned root vegetable and make some booze out of it. After all, what the hell else are vegetables good for? Not available outside of Minnesota — yet.

Oakley Pitchman R


Party in the front, business on the sides? Or is it party on the sides, classic style in the front? Not sure, but any way you cut it, these retro-meets-modern eyeglass frames from Oakley are #killingit. There’s tech involved too — the hinges are fashioned after hubless moto wheels, so you don’t have to worry about having a screw loose. (Because there aren’t any to begin with.)

Captain America Motorcycle Helmet


Juuuuust to be clear: wearing this helmet won’t give super-scrawny guys massive, hulking muscles. Or super strength. Or Chris Evans’s arresting good looks. Or Sam Jackson’s cell number. BUT. This officially licensed gear from HJC features removable, moisture-wicking SuperCool interior pads; an anti-scratch Pinlock-ready shield with 95 percent UV protection; and an advanced air-channeling system to keep your noggin cool.

New Instant Camera by Impossible Project


Inspired by everyone’s favorite instant photo camera of yore, this fully modern rig recharges via USB and shoots on original 600-type Polaroid film as well as The Impossible Project’s own 600-type film.


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