Good morning. New footage has surfaced of Area 51, one of the most secretive (and suspicious) locations on the planet. Using Google Earth’s time-lapse feature, we can see how much the alien mothership military base has grown over the past 34 years — clearly something is happening there. (Cue X-Files theme.) Here’s what’s good in gear: ultra-cozy leather slippers, a new GoPro accessory, a wool shirt jacket that’d make your grandfather proud, and much more.

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GoPro Karma Grip Hand Gimbal

Early last month, GoPro released the Karma drone. Eighteen days later, the drone was recalled in full. It’s not yet known how the company will make up for this misstep; for now, they’ve released the Karma Grip, the hand gimbal that came packaged with the Karma drone. It works with the Hero5, Hero4 Black and Hero Silver cameras.

Amazon Go Lets Grocery Shoppers Skip the Checkout Line


Does it feel a little like shoplifting? Probably.

The Silver Jetsetter Gift Pack by Mack Weldon


One premium t-shirt, two silky boxer-briefs, three pairs of stylish socks — all of which is anti-microbial — and wrapped up in a bag neatly. (Go back over that sentence once more, and sing it with a Christmas jingle.) A stocking-stuffer no-brainer.

Mahabis Luxe House Shoes


We do not endorse wearing slippers all the time. Lounging at home, making quick coffee runs, sure — but no more than that. If we were to make an exception, however — and ’tis the season for forgiveness — we’d wear something like these. The premium leather upper looks fantastic, as does the detachable sole and neoprene heel, which are added for outdoor functionality. And you’ll find yourself grinning ear to ear as you unconsciously wiggle and dig your toes around its wonderfully soft sheep’s-wool lining.

Tell Friends You’re Safe with Google Trusted Contacts


Available on Android now, and iOS in the near future.

Prometheus Design Werx Wilderness Utility Top


Like a ’50s-era wool shirt jacket you’d find in an army surplus store, but brand new. No frivolous technical ‘innovations’ here — just a plain and simple, American-made, utilitarian jacket.

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