Good morning. It turns out that you may be addicted to cheese. Yes, Dr. Neal Barnard’s new book, The Cheese Trap, argues that your favorite brand of cheddar has you hooked, thanks to opiate molecules present in the dairy protein casein. Like a drug, Barnard continues, a cheese addiction can lead to weight gain and disease. Not everyone is convinced, though, including the National Dairy Council.

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Today’s Gear

What’s New, Now

Deep Discounts on Some of Our Favorite Winter 2017 Gear

Everything you need for a day on the slopes — at a fraction of the cost.

Opinel x L.L. Bean Folding Knife

Before barges, trains and 18-wheelers, loggers simply introduced newly felled trees into rivers and let the current carry them downstream. Some made it to the sawmill, some sank to the bottom. L.L.Bean is resurfacing some of those drowned logs from the depths of Maine’s Moosehead Lake and with a little help from French knife makers at Opinel, crafting beautiful pocket knives. Each one is made with 12c27 Sandvik stainless steel and a reclaimed century-old maple handle.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Re-Up Your Knife Kit

High-carbon Japanese steel and an ergonomic design, all at a palatable price.

Soundwall Nova

You’ve never seen a Bluetooth speaker like this. In fact, if you don’t look closely, you probably won’t see it at all. The Soundwall Nova is the intersection of music and fine art, a sound system disguised as a painting or photograph. Room-filling Distributed Mode Loudspeaker technology is hidden behind your choice of art — you can choose from a gallery featuring over 150 collaborations. And forget gallery rules; touching this art is encouraged (it’s how you control the lights and volume).

The All-New Mercedes-AMG W08 Breaks Cover

Of all the teams that have revealed cars, so far, Mercedes easily has the best-looking vehicle.

Black AirPods Are Here — But for a Price (and a Long Wait)

Get on the waiting list.

Deals of Note

Great Products, Great Prices

How to save on soap, a sous vide cooker and a snowboard.

What’s New from GP

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