Good morning and happy Wednesday. The Internet tells us that today is “Take a Walk in the Park Day”, which does sound really nice. After all, spring has sprung, and we could all use a little time away from our desks. Besides, you needn’t be completely disconnected, even amid all nature has to offer, thanks to what’s good in gear today: a tiny lantern with a little extra juice, a fresh take on portable charger design, Issue 1 of a rather special magazine (yes, it’s ours) and much more.

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The first thing you put on, the last thing you take off, possibly the most influential piece of clothing you wear. Make them good, guys. These boxer briefs are made of bamboo, which amounts to stupid levels of softness and comfort, thanks to the material’s breathability and stretch. Plus, bamboo is more sustainable than other material. You’ll want to act fast — we’re probably going to buy most of these ourselves.

Impuls BMW k101


Take an ’85 BMW K100, add artist Fabian Gatermann, toss in a dash of hand-built quality and hi-tech details, et voilà. This beautiful, minimalist classic motorcycle features polygonal designs and just enough pops of color to make us drool.

Bump USB Wall Charger


An all-in-one USB charging system with a massive dose of classy design? Definitely into it. The small pebble-like device functions as a wall USB charger and as a portable power bank (it sports a 3400mAh battery inside). Cables are flat and tangle-free, and the ovoid disc functions as a cable holder. It all fits together so very sensibly, and keeps you Tweeting well beyond your recommended daily allotment.

Käiros Key Carrier by Von Vontage


Do yourself a favor and simplify a little. You can’t quite call this decidedly low-tech solution to EDC a keychain, but its clever shape holds 7 standard keys. Which, if we’re being honest, is all we should really be carrying anyhow.

Biolite Powerlight Mini


See or be seen; it’s up to you. This tiny little fellas boasts a 1350mAh USB-rechargeable battery, which is good for 52 hours of continuous light, but it’ll also give your phone a boost when you’re in a pinch.

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