Good morning and happy Monday. We’re pumped to start the week and hope you are too. First things first, a piping hot serving of gear, prepared fresh for your pleasure and health. We’re immersing ourselves today: strapping into a bass-delivery system for our multimedia enjoyment, running and walking through puddles without soaking our socks, taking our iPhones into the deep end without incident and more.

Herschel Sealtech Backpack

Herschel Supply Co., purveyors of heritage-inspired, old-school bags and accessories, have just rolled out some decidedly futuristic tech. Sealtech, that is. The fabric is made of water-resistant, nylon-based ripstop, and it literally heals itself — minor contusions close back up because the fibers themselves are designed to separate enough to accept and basically ignore punctures. Kind of like Wolverine, only you can carry this on your back.



Feel the music, man. Literally. Strap into this backpack device and let bass sound waves course through your torso, rather than assault your delicate eardrums. If you can remember to gear up every time you rewatch John Wick, you’ll have yourself a high-tech, immersive experience unlike any other.

Clarks Trigenic Flex


The Vibram outsoles of Clarks’ latest offerings are split into three parts, allowing for extreme natural movement and comfort. Also note the mocassin looks inspired by the brand’s famous Wallabee shoes — comfort never looked so classic.

La Colombe Draft Lite


You go to the bar to drink your favorite microbrew on tap, then you go home and enjoy one straight out of the can. La Colombe, known for milky, high-octane lattes on draft, have poured their concoction into cans and made them available to at-home java junkies.

Hydroventure Trail Shoe by Topo Designs


Topo Designs just went ahead and debuted the “lightest waterproof breathable trail running shoe available on the market,” featuring eVent DVdryLT materials. The shoes are aimed at light active use or daily wear, and should keep your toesies dry and happy.



Instagram and Snapchat just got a whole lot more underwater-er. Watershot is a diving camera housing designed for iPhones of all kinds. It’s waterproof to 60 meters, features a tripod mounting plate and is compatible with the available wide and super-dome lenses.

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