Good morning and happy Friday. Yesterday it was reported that after many investigations scientists determined that 176,000 years ago neanderthals constructed rings of stone over 1,000 feet inside a French cave system. Just think how great at LEGOs the species would have been had it survived. Of course there’s almost no way to determine what the structures meant or were used for, but something we do know is what’s good in gear: handsome new sunglasses in tortoiseshell, new gaming laptops with fiery red accents, a new weekender in colors ready for summer and much more.

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You know G-SHOCK: the series of watches that’s somehow tougher than an M1A2 Abrams crossed with a Zumwalt-class destroyer. You know the videos of unfazed G-SHOCK watches being smacked over and over by very heavy hammers. You’ve read the massive list of high-tech features. Now meet the MUDMASTER. Designed for use in deserts and jungles, MUDMASTERS are built to completely shut out mud, dust and sand using a system of overengineered, shock-reducing gaskets and button pipes. Twin Sensor capabilities provide instant access to direction and temperature information when needed under tough conditions. The face is illuminated by a Super Illuminator, high-brightness LED light to ensure high visibility. Your watch very well may survive anything; so go give it something fun to do.

Atlas Sunglasses by Spy Optic


The Happy Glass in Atlas sunglasses is said to be the best color-contrast polarized lens material available. Which translates to super clear vision and blocked harmful rays. Speaking of contrast, the tortoiseshell colorway is a welcome deviation from all the other black or fluorescent shades out there.

Omen Gaming Laptop by HP


Part of a range of new products that includes desktop PCs and other accessories, these laptops are game changers. (Eh?) Two sizes, different specs: 15.6-inch with an Intel Core i3 processor or 17.3 inches and an i5 (but you can configure either with an i7 processor, a 4K display and 16 gigs of RAM. Desktops launch in August, and in case you’re wondering those are “Dragon Red” accents.

HopperGo Portable DVR by Dish


Shipping now to Dish subscribers, this very tiny little box lasts four hours on a charge and makes it possible to stream up to 64 gigs of recorded shows and movies on up to five devices at once. It’s also possible to load other, non-DVR media to the device should you want to do that for some reason. Since the HooperGo creates its own network, no internet connection is required so long as viewers have the Dish Anywhere app.

Premium Leather-Base Weekender by Everlane


Everlane just popped some light colored animal skin onto their water-resistant twill bags. Each is constructed by hand; all the leather is cut by an Italian machine. Which is almost as cool as you’ll look carrying this sucker.

X-Fourteen MotoGP Helmet by Shoei


Marc Marquez is a 23 year-old MotoGP champion. Twice over. And this is the helmet he uses to wipe the course with his challenger’s astonished faces. It’s a high-performance piece of armor meant for serious riders, so avail yourself of the myriad tech specs. (And no, it won’t make you a handsome, spry twentysomething. Nice try.)

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