earning, in its highest form, comes from intentional study: dedicating mental and physical energy toward a foreign skill. You did it in college. You’ve done it in athletics. You do it at work. But some life skills rest on the periphery of daily life — you don’t need to wheelie your bicycle or shuffle poker chips on a daily basis. The spirit of the Guide to Life is to dive into the less obvious, but no less important skills for a man to know.

In the coming weeks, we’ll share a litany of skills — from how to take a good photo of a watch to how to properly sharpen a chef’s knife. Some lessons help you get the most out of life; some simply improve your cocktail party story. But all give you a glimpse into the wide swath of knowledge commonly left off the books, taught cordially by the GP University of Proficiency. So don your thinking caps, because class starts now.

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