In an upcoming story on nostalgia and our obsession with gear of the past, John O’Connor quotes Simon Reynolds, the author of Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction to Its Own Past. “There has never been a society in human history so obsessed with the cultural artifacts of its own immediate past,” Reynolds writes. Why? Mr. O’Connor will do the answer much more justice than I will. But the general idea is that we forsake the present for the past in search of authenticity — a virtue that may or may not have ever been there in the first place.

So, until we hear the better version in a few weeks, here are some of the best articles from Gear Patrol’s week that lend merit to looking to the past. Because sometimes, authenticity was lost. And sometimes you can return to it. – Chris Wright

Words Without Context

A Notable Quote From The Week

“Playing video games in 2017, especially on a 4K HDR TV, is objectively amazing; triple-A titles like Battlefield, FIFA and Overwatch offer spectacle alongside the creative wonder of indie games like Firewatch and Inside. But it was an 8-bit Mario game from 1988 that captivated three people who don’t normally play video games, even for just for a few hours. Nostalgia is a powerful pull when it comes to videos games — and the Analogue Nt Mini is dripping in it.”
– Tucker Bowe

Vintage Car Overload

This week’s healthy helping of beautiful vintage automotive photography, served up à la Instagram.

Patagonia Returns to the Down Sleeping Bag

A creation forty-five years in the making.

Meet the Holy Grail of Retro Gaming Consoles

Who cares about price? (Rhetorical question.)

Nokia’s Classic Phone Returns

It has Snake, and its battery lasts a month.

Seiko Makes an Apple Watch

You can wear the watch that Jobs wore. The one catch: you can only buy it in Japan.

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