Cashmere from The Elder Statesman

Men’s publications have declared the necessity of “elevated basics” for years, waxing about a perfect t-shirt, an understated sweater and a respectable pair of socks. Though countless brands claim to own this genre, The Elder Statesman, based in Los Angeles, quietly perfected it. Started in 2007 by Greg Chait, the brand produces a wide range of luxury cashmere garments — ranging from t-shirts and hoodies to sweaters and shorts — at a small factory in Culver City. For summer ’16, the brand has created a three-button henley that’s both incredibly soft and surprisingly light, offered in a subtle off-white hue.

Though the henley has a $530 price tag, its value is rooted in an absurdly plush texture and infallible design. An airy blend of 70 percent cashmere and 30 percent silk, the shirt is ideal for layering under your favorite button-down, or on warm days, functioning by itself. “I always felt that this piece was missing from my personal wardrobe so I rode that instinct and added it into the collection,” says Chait. He scoured the world for the best cashmere (it’s measurable: the desirable varieties have a micron count of less than 14), sourced it in Mongolia and worked with a mill in Italy to spin the yarn (the fabric and shirt are made in L.A.). The cut of the henley is relaxed, fitting perfectly in the shoulders and falling loosely over the torso — it’s the epitome of laid-back California luxury.

The henley is available at The Elder Statesmen’s stores in Los Angeles and New York.

The Next Best Thing

Not Everyone Gets Cashmere

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