Commercial Real Estate Development, Aman has brought lux living to Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in the famous New York City, offering hotel suites and 20 private apartments across 26 floors, topped by Five-Level Penthouse with Central Park Views, is set to be a hot spot for the newest Crown building.

Most of Aman’s properties are designed to fit in a natural setting to instill a sense of peace and belonging. Among some of the firm’s portfolio, which mostly consist of hotels and resorts, Aman started from building its first retreat on Phuket’s west coast and named it Amanpuri, meaning “a place of peace”. Henceforth, Aman was born.

Today, Aman takes care of 31 resorts, hotels, and private residences in 20 countries and it aims to continue finding ways to transform experiences through the offerings of awe-inspiring locations around the world.

Built by Russian developer Vladislav Doronin to neoclassical Beaux-Arts structure, when project Crown building comes to fruition in 2020, Aman New York will be an ultra-luxury hotel plus residences reborn in the very heart of Manhattan, overlooking Central Park.

Within the gilded grandeur of the Crown Building are 83 rooms and suites and 20 private Aman Residences to provide prospective homeowners a lovely sanctuary to rest and socialise. Each room will feature more than 754 sq ft designed with innovative lighting fixtures, a revolving door and a fireplace. Future Aman’s residents can also enjoy unlimited access to every hotel and Aman Club experience.

Aman New York, which abounded with sociable spaces for dining, drinking and relaxing, guests and homeowners get to luxuriate in a world of refined tastes, from the Garden Terrace with Central Park views and Piano Bar to Cigar Bar, and Wine Library as well as the subterranean Jazz Club.

Also, the one-of-a-kind five-storey luxury penthouse (rumoured to be worth $100 million) will encompass swimming pools indoor and outdoor, with a wraparound terrace and an activated cupola with an unparalleled view.


Where the heart of the city is, the soul of Aman will be.

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