Sperone, a golf course situated on the southern tip of the Mediterranean island of Corsica, has been put up for sale by its main shareholder.

A string of high-profile figures and French celebrities have holiday homes on the 130-hectare estate which hosts one of the world’s most beautiful courses.

A total of 80 hectares, including the course, the clubhouse and a restaurant, are being offered for sale by French businessman Georges Dewez at an asking price of 20 million euros ($25 million).

The owners of the rest of the estate have expressed interest in buying Dewez out but have not been able to agree a price.

Jean-Charles Orsucci, the mayor of nearby Bonifacio, said the council would prefer the course to remain in local hands.

“The golf course plays an important economic role in the life of the commune and we’ll follow the sale with a particular interest,” he said.

“Our preference would be for the current co-owners to reach an agreement. We don’t want Sperone to fall into the hands of a foreign group which would be difficult to identify.”

Dewez’s father, Jacques, bought the land in the 1960s and created a course that has been carved out of dense Corsican scrubland on cliffs overlooking the narrow channel between the French island and its Italian neighbour, Sardinia.

With the backdrop of a turquoise sea and a number of tee-shots involving carries over the waves crashing on to the rocks far below, Sperone is adored by golfers from all over the world.

But it has not been popular with environmentalists who believe its rare heathland environment should have been left untouched.

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