An unidentified bidder from West Asia has offered $ 2.1 billion in an unsolicited bid for New York’s iconic Empire State Building, according to The hindu business line.

The offer appeared to top another unsolicited bid of $ 2 billion by Rubin Schron, who partly owns the Woolworth Building in Lower Manhattan. Schron made the offer public after the Empire State Building’s operating company, Malkin Holdings, announced plans to become publicly traded.

The 102-storey building with 2.95 million square feet was valued at 2.3 billion dollars in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission and even with some tax exemptions for its energy-efficiency and elevator improvements, it still pays roughly 31 million dollars a year in property taxes.

Built in 1930, it was once the tallest building in the United States and is situated at 34th Street and Fifth Avenue, a favorite venue for tourists.

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