Renovating one of the most lavish homes in existence, Jackie Thomas and DeAnn McCoy of Thomboy Properties Inc. breathe new life into the Herbert W Burns’ Gillman residence, of Little Tuscany, Palm Springs for Modernism Week 2020. Initially built in 1948, the Frank Llyod Wright-inspired house’s rich heritage shines through its meticulous detailing and revamped interior spaces, reflecting a contemporary approach to mid-century modern design.

Grounded in horizontal lines, flat roofs, cantilevered overhangs, and vertical pylons, the Gillman house was designed capitalize of the natural beauty of its desert surroundings and ideal climate. Reflecting the natural colors of the desert through screens, grids of ribbed obscure glass and planters of Arizona sandstone, the house showcases a Santa Fe block brick which runs from the exterior walls through its interior.

Referred to as a ‘sophisticated sun seeker’ in the January 1951 issue of Los Angeles Times Home Magazine, the 4,700 sq.ft. Gillman residence features three bedrooms plus a two bedroom guesthouse, 4 baths and a rectangular pool.

“This house can truly be considered a brand new home with Herbert Burns’ bones. Every single surface has been touched, from all new electrical, plumbing, HVAC, windows, roof, and poured terrazzo floors, the landscape, you name it, we touched it.” – Jackie Thomas, Thomboy Properties Inc.

Throughout the undertaking of this project, Thomas and McCoy were careful in identifying the differences between restoration and renovation – remaining studious in achieving their goal of creating an enhanced space, whilst preserving elements of historical significance.

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