Shorthand for glamorous camping; the luxury camping concept is all about going camping, but with glamour. A portmanteau term, glamping is like regular camping minus the drudgery and discomfort and stocked with the creature comforts of home. In that sense, if you consider all definitions of the term, John Maniscalco Architecture Martis Camp, Lake Tahoe is glamping done right.

Glamping Done Right: John Maniscalco Architecture Martis Camp, Lake Tahoe

While the Lake Tahoe private estate has worked with a variety of renowned home builders on an extraordinary array of luxury waterfront homes at Martis Camp, it needs to be said that John Maniscalco Architecture’s Martis Camp fully embrace the grand Lake Tahoke lifestyle by exemplifying that architectural design maxim of of bringing the outside in. As a result, Martis Camp Realty offers some epic Lake Tahoe real estate which has redefined the way families can experience luxury waterfront living.

With distinctive mountain architecture and a stunning 2,100-acre High Sierra setting, John Maniscalco Architecture Martis Camp cabins (if one could still call it that) has set new standards for glamping and waterfront luxury lifestyles.

Sited on a hillside near Lake Tahoe, John Maniscalco Architecture’s Martis Camp real estate design takes every effort to showcase the amazing surrounding views by utilising an L-shape structure to maximise viewing angles from almost all sides of the house. The exterior facade of Martis Camp, Lake Tahoe luxury home takes cues from one of nature’s most picturesque settings and employs both a warm palette using cedar for spring and summer while using zinc, and concrete (a nod of autumn and winter months) – it’s architectural poetry, allowing the Martis Camp, Lake Tahoe luxury cabin to blend into the forest during the warmer months while creating stark contrast during snow season.

The design of the Lake Tahoe luxury home divides the interior into two wings: The private area of the Martis Camp waterfront home extends out off the slope of the site, creating a cantilevered master suite on the end. Meanwhile, the communal living space of John Maniscalco Architecture’s Martis Camp luxury cabin runs horizontally with the landscape.

John Maniscalco has designed the home with a linear layout and floor-to-ceiling windows to maximise expansive views of the meadow below and the Pacific Crest mountain in the distance from every inch of interior space. Meanwhile, the oversized flat roof extends out to create a covered terrace where folding glass doors open to expanding the main floor to the outdoor spa and soaking tub.

Expect to spend anywhere from US$4 million to US$7 million for one of John Maniscalco’s luxury waterfront Martis Camp homes.

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