The modern world offers a stunning array of man-made islands, but although most of the focus has been on Dubai, Spain, Tokyo and Russia, another gorgeous paradise named Eden Island resides in the Seychelles archipelago region in the Indian Ocean.

While the man-made islands most people think of are like big communities that feel like small countries, Eden Island is a more private escape for the most affluent seekers of privacy. The beaches are secluded and the marina is capable of harboring some of the world’s most enormous luxury yachts so you can cruise in and out in style.

“Eden Island is a 99-acre residential marina development that sports a minimum of 480 luxury freehold apartments, mansions and private villas,’ according to “Homes are spacious, with large verandas and high-pitched red roofs. They feature breathtaking views over mountains, ocean, forests and nearby islands like Cerf and Ste. Anne.”

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