Horse Race

David Milch, famous for creating television shows such as Deadwood and NYPD Blue has reportedly gambled away $100 million on horse racing.

Despite those big TV-names, Milch, a four-time Emmy winner, hasn’t had a successful show since Deadwood ended in 2006.

David Milch
David Milch |

Luck – a perhaps prophetic series centered around horse racing – ran from 2011 to 2012 before being cancelled due to animal safety concerns after three horses died during production.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a lawsuit filed last year indicates that Milch lost $25 million from gambling between 2000 and 2011. “Colleagues estimate he has earned more than $100 million across his three-decade Hollywood career, but the lawsuit reveals he is left with $17 million in debts,” says the Reporter.

Milch and his wife Rita, sold their Brentwood, CA. house for $4.8 million in May 2014 and their 22-acre Martha’s Vineyard estate is currently listed for $6.99 million.

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