Empire City will make a presence in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in time to come with development plans underway.

For Empire City’s project, it has partnered German firm, Büro Ole Scheeren to build an ensemble of towers and public spaces with the new ‘Sky Forest’, occupying a central peninsula on the Saigon River.

The new development will be a uniquely central Empire 88 Tower, featuring three skyscrapers rising to 333 metres atop the podium, and the development will consist of house residences, apartments, a hotel and a public observation deck.

The design will fuse elements of urban living and the natural landscape; reflected by the the soft hills and terraced rice fields of Vietnam’s landscape together with its layered open spaces.

According to Büro Ole Scheeren, the ‘Sky Forest’ will be the focal point of the architectural design. It will be made accessible to public and will “occupy a space partway up the central tower and is envisioned as ‘a magical journey through Vietnam’s tropical landscape,” undoubtedly a brilliant move to incorporate local plant species and water features and offering views across the city and the river.

Empire City-A “Cloud Space” for events and recreational activities

Atop the landmark tower, design architects will create a ‘Cloud Space’ to offer a public arena with possibilities for events and recreational activities.

Empire City-Cultivated Terraces

The basement of Sky Forest’s façade design will feature “a mountain-shaped, garden-like podium that will hold densely populated gardens and will be open to the public.”
A timetable for Empire City has yet to be revealed.


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