The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wants you to know they have nothing to do with the sex (toys), drugs and luxury toilet paper offered inside the obscenely expensive gift-bag handed out to nominated actors who don’t win an Oscars.

The Hollywood Reporter reports the esteemed Academy Awards organization is suing a marketing company called Distinctive Assets that is promising “unseemly” gift bags to Oscar nominees, misleading folks into thinking they are affiliated with the Academy.

To be sure, the $220,000 gift bag has some tacky items, like a $250 weed vaporizer, a $250 vibrator,  something called a “vampire breast lift,” skin treatments by Park Avenue plastic surgeons valued at more than $5,500 and $275 worth of Swiss-made toilet paper.

“Press about the 2016 gift bags has focused on both the less-than-wholesome nature of some of the products contained in the bags […] and the unseemliness of giving such high value gifts, including trips costing tens of thousands of dollars, to an elite group of celebrities.” Yup, that is completely correct.

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