The Chicago Spire, is one of the most ambitious projects in the U.S. According to Chicago Tribune, developer said Tuesday that it has sold 30 percent of the building’s condo units, which, it says, is proof the world’s tallest residential structure will be built.

The developer says they have already sold 30 percent of the building’s condo units, sending a strong signal that there is enough interest in the project despite the fact that the condos are priced higher than others in the city (the studio units start at $750,000) and that the developer has required 15 percent of a unit’s price upfront for each sale.

Spire spokeswoman Kim Metcalfe said the sales were achieved in just four months of marketing and counters critics who claimed the 2,000-foot-tall structure would never go up.
Metcalfe emphasized that the 352 units booked are sales, not just offers of interest accompanied by deposits. “This is clearly a benchmark,” she said.

The Spire is designed with 1,194 units, including a $40 million penthouse, which is still for sale. The building is scheduled for completion in 2012.

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