The Osler House, designed by Marcio Kogan, is located in Brasilia, Brazil.

The plan of the Osler house is structured by a ground floor volume, a suspended volume and a deck with an outdoor pool.

On the ground floor we find the rooms that open to the outside using rotating wooden panels, and a small lobby that connects the second floor with a delicate staircase.

The lobby is decorated with a panel of tiles specially designed for this wall by the artist Athos Bulcão.

The small foyer in the entrance connects to the second floor with a delicate staircase.

The second floor is organized in a prism of glass and concrete, where nothing vertically interrupts the visual transparency of the volume.

On the roof of the ground floor, connected to the living room, the terrace extends the external area.

The wonderful feature in its design plans is how they have incorporated the use of a pool so prominently.

The night time picture really highlights the effect of the pool in the overall “curb appeal” of the home.

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