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Dope Bboy Breaks Mixtape Vol.1 (2015) Tracklist:
1. DJ Legioner – Fresh

2. DJ Help – Legioner Yu

3. Bboy Wicket – My Crew The Illest

4. DJ Junk – Why Did You Desert Me

5. The Latin Giants Of Jazz – Cuero Na’Ma (DJ SpiZZo Breaks Edit)

6. Djar One – A Little More Funk (feat. Dragon Fli Empire)

7. J Weapon – Hajime No Breaking

8. Stereophonk – Sunny (Marrrtin Bboy Remix)

9. DJ Lean Rock – BOTY 2014: The Ruggeds vs. SINE (First Song)

10. Dry Bread – Words To My Song (Almighty I.Z. Breaks Edit)

11. DJ Lean Rock x Mr. Carmack – Funky Mule (2015)

12. The Mighty Mocambos – It’s The Music

13. DJ Lean Rock x Starship Connection – Steam Engine

14. DJ Fleg – New Horns // Bboy Breaks

15. DJ Lean Rock x Falcons – India Express (2015)

16. Soho – Hot Music (DJ Plash One Edit)

17. DJ Bles One – Breaks To Go

18. Lady Funk x B.Montana – Morocco Style (Red Bull BC One Cypher Spain)

19. Method Man – Plasteed (Bboy Mix)

20. DJ Flow – King Shit

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