Sina K – Fell in love (with Hip Hop) (How it happened) (Official Video)

Performed by: Sina K (Sina Kechi Salim)
Lyrics by: Sina K (Sina Kechi Salim)
Produced by: Tantu Beats
Mixed and mastered by: Sina K (Sina Kechi Salim)
Video Editing: Sina K (Sina Kechi Salim)

Life is a game, I’m terrible at sporting
Of course this shit is a disadvantage of scourge
Tryna’ sort through my issues and keep my mind on raps
Like the present, I’m presently affected by my past, I mean

I feel like my life is a lie
Since the fams split up, it’s kinda like a fight to survive
Debt with a lot of frozen broads I’ve got
Involved with, didn’t want me to know, cut a lot of people off

But fuck it, this is what y’all wanted
To see the nice guy go bad and y’all start frontin’
You’re like “I miss the old Sina” psh, yeah right
You miss the one you took advantage of for years, right?

You had problems, I’m the kid who would listen
But when I need help everyone’s missing (oh for real?)
I use my music to vent, they tell me I’m bitchin’
Really, I ain’t even think you would listen

See I’ve been sitting down with the fam
Watching a movie with a couple, white wine in my hand
Thinking about why people wanna’ change who I am
I mean I’m trying, I don’t know if I can – hope that y’all understand

Don’t get it twisted, I ain’t changing for you
I’m changing for me, just ’cause I hate the things that I do
I hate being such a nice guy and caring so much
I kinda wish I was the douchebag that don’t give a fuck

I mean I, I hate being deep for my age
A lot of people aren’t quite on my page (can you dig it?)
I don’t wanna be just another fuck up
That no one wants to be around anymore just ’cause

I’m overthinking, over-drinking, make everything awkward
It’s awful to feel alone, especially in my thoughts, I’m
Skittish and paranoid, it’s hard to trust people
I think they all hate me, maybe I’ve gone crazy

Maybe they all waiting to see if I slip up
They tryna run shit, they wanna see if I trip up
Fuck that, everybody please get your hands in the sky
If you fucking with us, all I got is my squad

Hiphop, oh my God
Am I failing? Oh damn I finally proved I got heart
Proved that I go hard, everytime I’m spitting, this my art
(Yo, yo – check this out, check this out)

Pray for the best, expect the worst and write a song about it
Complain and say I hate hip-hop, and can’t go long without it
A lot of things too good to be true, that’s why I’m always doubting
And I’m always writing the end, I wish I was wrong about it

Lately I’ve really been feeling out of it
I got the skill, but I gotta’ try to do something out of it
Gotta’ be honest about it, I know about it
‘Cause my bars so fat you’d thought I filled ’em up with collagen

And silicone, still I’m known to get slept on
When they told me to stop, I just kept going
Keeping the faith like I’m Billy Joe, loud chasing silly hoes
Grabbing the mic, tryna rock these little filly shows

But I want to do something bigger
Everybody would simply tell me “chill lil’ nigga, be patient”
Easy for you to say man, you ain’t the one waiting
I’m feeling for the cream, I thought about moving away, but I won’t

Just not that guy, I’ve never have been
Fell in love with rap and don’t know how it happened
I don’t wanna’ look back ten years down the line
And realize that I’m a motherfucking “has been”

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