The dynamic duo; The Game and DJ Skee reunite for the release of “The Documentary 2” on SKEE TV. Game explains why he decided to release ‘The Documentary 2’ in two parts; a blue and a red disc. “I want to help unify and break the color lines… if I can save a life or two, I want to try and do that.”He talks about making about 700 songs in the process of creating this two-disc album, which consists of 38 tracks. He recalls showing Dr. Dre 20 tracks and Dre telling him they were all trash. Game tells us the difference between disc one and two, and notes that Dre said “if I could re-do ‘The Chronic’, I would make it sound more like disc one.” Being that it seems The Game is always involved in alleged beefs, most recently with Young Thug, he took the time to address and clear up each rumored beef.

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