Imagine golfing next to the roaring Scottish coast at sunrise, or basking on a 200 foot yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean, or taking off from your own private runway with cerulean waves cascading the shores of the Caribbean below you.  Sounds like a nice little escape from your desk, right?  We have searched the globe to bring you a glimpse into the private sanctuaries and playgrounds of the world’s wealthiest. All aboard! Departing in 3, 2, 1…


Welcome to one of the premier sailing destinations in the Caribbean; the paradise everyone dreams about and longs to see. With lush mountains surrounding the island, the bluest waters on Earth, and supple tropical fruit you could pick right off the island’s trees and bushes, Antigua is what every little child pictures when they’re watching Peter Pan sing, “Hi ho, hi ho, a pirate’s life for me.” But Antigua is hardly a pirate destination. Home to Oprah Winfrey’s sprawling seaside estate with neighbors such as Giorgio Armani and Eric Clapton, the cosmopolitan island was named the number one billionaire playground on Earth by Forbes Magazine. This is the perfect getaway for celebrities, royalty, and business magnates to escape from their high-profile lives and get lost in the  breathtaking panoramas surrounding them.


St. Andrews, Scotland

Fore! Our next stop is St. Andrews, Scotland, popularly known as the birthplace of golf. St. Andrews is a low-key hideaway for billionaires, celebrities and royalty. Everyone stays at the world-renowned Fairmont Hotel, the perfect place to soak up Scottish culture and dine in only the most grandiose fashion. Imagine sipping whisky by a crackling fire indulging in a hearty plate of potatoes and meat so tender it can be cut with a silver fork. The Fairmont has 209 guest bedrooms and 17 palatial suites. The hotel’s helipads make for easy access for the insanely wealthy patrons flying in from London.


St. Barts

Located in the majestic French West Indies, St. Barts has long been a playground for billionaires like Ron Perelman and celebrities such as Jay-Z and Beyonce. The crystal clear waters of St. Barts are dotted with some of the most magnificent yachts in the world. The island itself is made of arid, volcanic rock and only consists of eight square miles. The Eden Rock Hotel is the most popular destination for the wealthy with intimate guesthouses, high-end linens, and cozy patios with splendid views of the island.


The Hamptons, New York

Channel your inner Kennedy as we come to our next stop, The Hamptons, a summer hotspot for the upper echelon of New Englanders and New York City elite. Basking on the pristine, white beaches by day and velvet-rope partying by night defines what summers in The Hamptons are all about.  Visitors can either lease the most exclusive luxury homes at Stone Meadow Farm or stay at the ultra chic 1770 House. The who’s who make it out to Sunset Beach to sip cocktails and make their social appearances and grand entrances.


Mustique, West Indies

Located in the eastern Caribbean, Mick Jagger and Tommy Hilfiger both own regal estates here. The small island doesn’t have many hotel accommodations, so visitors spend up to $55,000 a week renting stately villas completely staffed with cooks, maids, and butlers at your service 24 hours a day. Basil’s Bar on the island is the premier hang out spot where the world’s richest mingle anonymously. The Queen of England, Princess Margaret, Denzel Washington, Michael Douglas and Bill Gates have all dined at Basil’s. Privacy, intimacy, and seclusion are all of the utmost importance on the island of Mustique.


St. Tropez, France

Our last stop takes us to the opulent French Riviera. Once known as an international fishing village is now an international party destination for the top 1% of the world. La Caves du Roy is the hottest nightclub in town where you can get a beer for only 33 Euros (no big deal, right?). Le Byblos Hotel is rampant with the top celebrities and influencers  in the world with a legendary pool ritzy enough for supermodels like Karolina Kurkova, Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, and Rihanna. Many St. Tropez visitors stay on their posh yachts, as the coast has more than 800 mooring places.