Air Dior Jordan 1 Shoes Collection Release Date

Unsurprisingly delayed, the entire Air Dior collection was put on the back burner as a result of COVID-19 closures and likely production slow downs. But now, with the world slowly picking up the pieces post-pandemic, we’re finally seeing a release date for the entire apparel collection. The Air Jordan 1 Low and High, however, may still have a bit to go, though you’ll be pleased to find out that its release will “take the form of an exclusive online experience.”

Teased for the better part of the year, the collaboration effectively bridges luxury into Jordan Brand through the most effective means. High quality leather constructions run replete across both the low and high-top, while signature Dior detailing edge out the neutral white and grey color blocking. Monogram branding steals the shine atop the oversized swoosh, dressed to the nines with the imprint’s monogram print. Elsewhere, the Wings insignia is tweaked to commemorate, spelling out “Air Dior” instead of the usual text. “DIOR” in big and bold lettering then stamps underneath the icy blue tread just as it does — albeit much smaller — along the tongue’s check-marked patch.

Clothing, which very obviously and thankfully borrows from Dior’s expertise, explores a wide range of styles that’s as influenced by performance and athleisure as it is classic menswear. As such, short sleeve shirting, V-Neck sweater vests, and suit sets complete a smart aesthetic while accompanying tracksuits, bucket hats, and athletic shorts gear for the other end of the spectrum. And most pieces, even the minimally designed done Harrington and accessorizing sweat band, arrives accented with the capsule’s logo, sprawling either large along the backs of hoodies or miniature if need be.

Grab a detailed look at the shoes mid-production as well as the series of looks here. The garments will be available at Dior’s Beverly Hills, Miami, New York SOHO, and New York 57th St stores on July 8th; the shoes, though a release date is currently unconfirmed, will likely arrive around the same time frame online.

Air Dior Collection
Apparel Release Date: July 8th, 2020

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