We all have our obsessions and for many designers those obsessions turn into some of their most creative work and at times a lifetime of projects, just ask Antonio Gaudi perhaps. This collection comes for all you automobile enthusiasts out there. Take a look at the Spirit of 427, a collection comprised of vintage automobile parts from the 60’s, polished and repurposed into fine classic furniture pieces. Designed by LA Design Studio out of Poland, this collection has impeccable detail, sensual classic curves and fine authentic leather to satisfy even automobile historians.

Design comes in all styles and forms. This collection might not be suitable for every space as they are quite wide due to the use of automobile body but it will sure be fun in a wide loft space, restaurants and some specialty retail. I propose Harley Davidson call LA Designs for some interesting pieces into their retail roll outs. Enjoy this fun collection and perhaps for those who do not notice automobile details, this will give you a chance to admire a bit of what goes into one of our most priced possessions in our lives. This is your chance to fall back in love with the 60’s.

sources: LA Designs , My Modern Metropolis