Longhi Architects a Lima-based design studio has designed the Beach House CN Project. This contemporary two storey beach house is located in Misterio Beach, (72 miles) south of Lima, Peru.

The house is composed of three volumes separated by open spaces that allow natural light and cross ventilation for all the individual rooms.

The bigger volume belongs to the couple and faces south west with spectacular views to the ocean, it accommodates the master bedroom at the second floor, a private terrace at roof level and all social spaces at first connected to a large terrace and an infinity pool.


The smaller rooms have been designed for the owners children. The rooms face north west, they also come with spectacular views of the ocean. Each volume with its three levels is dedicated to the kids and their friends.

The children’s bedrooms and bathrooms are open inside and are double height in volume, all beds and closets are ‘built in’ trying to provide privacy within the different spaces. Images courtesy of Juan Solano, CHOlon Photography.