Zagat readers have chosen their favorite Parisian restaurants, giving a tip of their berets in both food and service to Taillevent, a classic, fine dining institution near the Champs-Elysées that has succeeded in trumping culinary titans like Alain Ducasse and Guy Savoy.

The Zagat guide is known as the “burgundy bible” and considered the world’s first crowd-sourcing restaurant guide. The latest guide for Paris was written based on the reviews of 8,015 diners on 714 restaurants in the City of Light.

It’s an interesting choice of restaurant for Zagat, given that Taillevent lost its third Michelin star in 2007 — a badge of honor it had held for 34 years — and hasn’t been able to win back the full regalia since.

Meanwhile, readers favored the restaurant in the 8th arrondissement in the food category over establishments like Pierre Gagnaire and Guy Savoy — both of which hold three stars —  for dishes like pan-fried Limousin beef fillet with puréed potatoes, bordelaise sauce and marrow, and fried red mullet with caramelized onions and zucchini flowers.

Here are the top five restaurants across eight categories, including food, popularity, new arrivals, and best bistros and brasseries across the city.

1) Taillevent
2) Pierre Gagnaire
3) Guy Savoy
4) Grand Véfour
5) Le Cinq

1) Cristal Room
2) Le Cinq
3) Grand Véfour
4) Taillevent
5) Le Meurice

1) Taillevent
2) Epicure
3) Le Meurice
4) Le Cinq
5) Ambassadeurs

1) Atelier Joël Robuchon
2) Taillevent
3) Guy Savoy
4) Jules Verne
5) Alain Ducasse

New arrivals
1) Septime
2) Agapé Substance
3) Auberge du 15
4) Abeille
5) Akrame

1) As du Fallafel
2) Higuma
3) Chartier
4) Al Taglio
5) Baron Rouge

Traditional bistro
1) Quincy
2) Chez L’Ami Jean
3) Violon d’Ingres
4) Petit Pontoise
5) Régalade

1) Comptoir du Relais
2) Relais Plaza
3) Dessirier
4) Chez Les Anges
5) Pétrus

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