In Robuchon’s latest cookery book, “Food & Life,” dishes are meant to do more than fill the belly and satisfy spoiled taste buds.

Recipes are developed to tap into the curative, restorative and “magical” powers of certain foods — a principle Robuchon says he’s adopted in the later stages of his culinary career.

sea scallops

“Today, I have a different way of looking at my recipes and my craft,” he said in a statement. “For more than 40 years, I have been passionate about treating my guests. Today my pleasure is doubled: I know that I am also taking care of their health. And I am fulfilled.”

Recipes like chicken-broth-braised baby turnips, sea scallops with argan oil vegetables and meatballs with tomato sauce are featured for boasting a range of mental and physical health benefits.

green asparagus

Chapters of the book include “Foods that prevent and foods that cure,” “Food and Climate” for seasonal recipes, and celebratory dishes for occasions that deserve luxury products and show-stopping meals.

“Food & Life” is published by Assouline and is set to be released September 30.

Food and Life

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