Want to recreate the mythic El Bulli restaurant — or a rudimentary facsimile — at home?

Spanish chef Ferran Adrià has developed a molecular gastronomy kit that will allow home cooks to perform kitchen alchemy, spherifying and gellifying foods à la El Bulli.

Together with younger brother Albert, Ferran has released a series of four molecular at-home gastronomy kits that are being launched this month: spherification, patisserie, cuisine and cocktail.

Each kit comes with measuring spoons, a recipe book with step-by-step images of Adrià’s techniques, and the ingredients needed to create culinary dishes that suspend liquids in other liquids or ‘flavor’ air.

The Adrià EasyKits sell for €70 ($92) apiece through solegraells.com which ships worldwide.

Spherificacion EasyKit

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