Created in Belgium Dinner in the Sky is a unique experience. Dinner in the Sky is like a deluxe patio dinner or sky high gourmet picnic with the best possible view, suspended about 50 meters in the air via crane.

You start by having a pre-boarding drink in the “lounge” while you wait to get on the crane-hoisted table. Once the purse and the keys are checked into their safety box on the ground, you sit down and get strapped in.

Usually, the platform spreads across 1 x 5 meters work area, and comes outfitted with cooking prerequisites, including a stimulation oven. The 5-tonne table sits 22 people and three staff in the middle. They even hoist another platform to the same height if you want live music available!

Breakfast in the sky, lunch in the sky, cocktails in the sky, meeting in the sky, internet café in the sky… there is no limit to your imagination.
Dinner in the Sky is available for a session of 8 hours.

It can be divided or personalised according to the client’s wishes. Dinner in the Sky is an event that can be held anywhere (golf course, public place, race track, castle, vineyard, historical site…) as long as there is a surface of approximately 500 m² that can be secured !

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