Singapore is often described as a modern melting pot, where different cultures meet and fuse. It is thus perceived that if we were to fancy eating cuisine uncommon to the local culture, the feast would only be a stone’s throw away. However, the options are mostly saturated with the same kinds of Asian and Western cuisines. American and Italian come to mind when we think Western food; Korean, Japanese, and Chinese for Asian food. It is no wonder that we are sometimes accused of being lacking in diversity when it comes to international choices. Hence, Men’s Folio scoured the island for some unique international restaurants to dispel this misconception.

TONO Cevicheria

Pick up the maracas, put on something bright, and be ready to do the salsa in this free-spirited “tono” (Peruvian slang for party). Being the first Peruvian cevicheria in Singapore, TONO sets the bar high with its emphasis on ingredients, using only sustainable seafood such as line-caught New Zealand fish. Chefs here are trained in Lima, working with a mix of Peruvian and the region’s ingredients to recreate authentic Peruvian flavours while revitalising it. On the surface, ceviche seems simple enough to make, consisting of only seafood, citrus, chillies, and onions. However, experience how the components come together in its citrus-based marinade, aka Tiger’s Milk, and one will think again. The festive big-heartedness of TONO’s philosophy manifests in its convivial ambience and the purity of its cuisine. Begin a dive into the depths of the sea with the traditional Ceviche Clásico (catch of the day, criolla, sweet potato, canchita, lettuce, and Tiger’s Milk). Follow up with a Pisco Sour (alcohol, citrus, egg whites, and Angostura bitters) and finally touch the seabed with a Combinado (Arroz con Leche rice pudding, Mazamorra Morada purple corn, and raisin compote).

The Ottomani

Get on the magic carpet and be transported into the exotic Middle East with the new supper club, The Ottomani. Fire is at the heart of the restaurant, from cooking to the lighting, which creates an intimate dining experience. Every illumination in the venue is either from candle or oil lantern, creating an alluring “Arabian Nights” atmosphere accompanied by vibrant dishes. The Ottomani focuses on combining fresh, sustainable and local ingredients with other unique ingredients from Morocco and Turkey. Its offering is cooked above a charcoal grill and a wood-fired earth pit, while closing embers are layered over the next day’s menu for slow roast items, creating a flavour that is impossible to replicate with modern, less labour-intensive methods. By taking a progressive route for familiar cuisine, the experience is anything but classic. Experience The Ottomani’s 1,001 flavours with signature dishes from Adana Beef Tartare “Kebab” with Caviar to Pit Roasted Lamb Shoulder with Spiced Molasses and Sumac Gremolata. With The Ottomani, one can put down the lamp, stop wishing for good food, and just head down to the Middle Eastern joint.

This article was written by Marcus Li. Read the full story at here.

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