It’s a marketing attempt meant to melt away the negative relationship between two industries that have historically been at odds with each other: food and fashion.

Krispy Kreme UK has been commissioned by Glamour magazine UK to create a ‘bespoke’ collection to coincide with London Fashion Week next month.

The result is two dressed-up flavors draped in a glossy pink, strawberry glaze, and an equally shiny orange-flavored donut.

While the Strawberry Glaze was launched to help the glossy magazine celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, the new Orange Glaze-hue is a tribute to what editors are predicting will be the hot new color for the upcoming Fall/Winter season.

The limited-edition Glamour Glaze donuts will be available in Krispy Kreme stores across the UK from August 29 to October 2 for £1.35 apiece (€1.54). A dozen donuts come in a sleek ‘bespoke’ black box for £9.45 (€10.79).

Though Glamour editor Jo Elvin claims that the Glamour Glaze is a “must-have” Fashion Week accessory, at 217 calories for the basic Original Glaze, it’s unlikely that fashion types will be seen tucking into these calorific treats with any gusto.

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