In what can only be described as outlandish, a New York steakhouse has launched a Thanksgiving meal made with the world’s finest ingredients for the princely sum of $50,000.

It is a meal meant to go down in the books as the ultimate American Thanksgiving feast and the restaurant has a track record of similar spectacular offerings. 

In a Facebook interview with ABC News Live, co-owner Marc Sherry of The Old Homestead Steakhouse revealed details of the exorbitant package that features everything from caviar-topped sweet potatoes to foie gras stuffing.

To create the headline-grabbing package and bump up the price tag significantly, the restaurant snuck in a few non-edible, luxury trimmings, including front-row seats at the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a suite at the Waldorf Astoria New York worth $5,000, tickets to the New York Giants game worth $10,000, and limousine service.

Meanwhile, the Thanksgiving feast itself is likewise pimped out in creative ways.

The star of the show is a 20-pound organic, farm-raised turkey at $85 a pound, basted with olive oil that clocks in at $17 an ounce.

The orange cranberry sauce is spiked with Grand Marnier, aged balsamic vinegar priced at $60 an ounce, and a splash from a bottle of $1,720 French wine.

What looks like ordinary stuffing is in fact made with Japanese Wagyu beef at $465 a pound, and foie gras.

Sweet potatoes are topped with caviar worth $1,600 an ounce, while the mashed potatoes are laced with imported white Stilton cheese.

And a loaf of sourdough bread will be imported from the UK to sop up the gravy infused with Kentucky bourbon whiskey, from a $2,890 bottle.

It is not the first time The Old Homestead has carved an outrageous Thanksgiving meal.

Last year, the restaurant launched a similar package for $45,000 that included a two-carat diamond engagement ring. Other cities have put together similar extravaganzas, including Singapore.

“The people who have bought it is a cross stream of America,” Sherry told ABC News.

“People from Wall Street to people from out of town who wanted to bring their family to the NYC to have the ultimate experience.”

Diners on a slightly smaller budget can also order the restaurant’s regular Thanksgiving special that features both beef and bird and all the trimmings for $85. The Old Homestead has been in business for more than a century but remains under the radar with Michelin and Zagat, for example. 

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