Nestlé Nespresso has introduced the variety Tanzaru Limited Edition 2010.

Tanzaru Limited Edition 2010 features the flavors of Tanzanian Arabic coffees and the delicate and balanced taste of Peruvian Arabic coffees.

The coffee has bright citrus notes alongside a slight tartness of green tones adding unlimited freshness to the rich espresso.

Also for Tanzaru lineup, Nespresso introduces a collection of art cups sets designed by Christian Ghion and then developed by design group Onze Dixieme.

The circles on the saucer remind water ripples, and on the cups tender butterflies are soaring above the water plants bring the feeling of spring.

Tanzaru Limited Edition 2010 scores 4 points of 10 in the Nespresso coffee strength rating. The launch of the new variety is slated for April.

Source: Foodbizdaily

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