Upscale French artisan ice-cream maker Philippe Faur has taken out the ice cream of the universe of the desserts and he indefatigably works In his workshop to create new flavours always more surprising.

After such original products as the Truffle Ice-Cream, the Roquefort ice-cream or the Foie Gras de Canard sorbet developed with Rougié (Prix International de l’Innovation 2007), he has recently made his idea of creating a caviar sorbet come true thanks to a collaboration with Alverta Royal Petrossian.

This ice-cream which contains 60% caviar, from a white sturgeon, took both specialists 6 months to develop and it is is recommended to accompany smoked salmon, scallops or simply a baked potato…

Though, it is reported to possess all the organoleptic qualities of caviar, including in the way it evolves in the mouth It is reported to be a world premiere and unsurprisingly has now become the most expensive ice cream in the world!

Unfortunately, although international customers might be numerous, the ice-creams so far are only shipped within France in a special packaging that prevents them from melting for 72 hours.

A 100 ml tub is priced at 118 €. A 15 ml sample size is also available for 18 €.

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