Thomas Keller has launched luxury gift sets that include a sparkling wine and caviar box set and a truffle risotto kit that replicates the same meal from Per Se.

Of the trio of gift sets on offer, The French Laundry Sparkling Wine & Caviar Gift Set is, perhaps, the most luxurious, with a price tag of $1,000.

The box contains a bottle of Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc Chardonnay-based Brut sparkling wine; a two-ounce serving of Sterling White Sturgeon Caviar; two mother of pearl caviar spoons; and a French Laundry buckwheat blini mix which requires the addition of milk, heavy cream and eggs.

For the black truffle lover, Keller has also developed a black truffle risotto kit from Per Se, priced at $850. With the exception of butter and onions, the kit comes with all the ingredients needed to replicate the dish from his New York outpost.

Inside the engraved wooden box, recipients will find three ounces of black truffle from Provence; an engraved wooden truffle shaver; Carnaroli rice from Northern Italy; organic white truffle-infused extra virgin olive oil; grated Parmigiano-Reggiano, Battenkill Farms’ heavy cream, Per Se chicken stock and a recipe card.

There’s also a $260 chocolate tart kit from his famous Bouchon Bakery that comes with a tart shell mix; 70 percent dark Guittard chocolate coins; Tahitian vanilla bean; a Bouchon oven mitt; and a 500 ml bottle of Meyer Family Port wine.

Orders must be placed by December 15. Shipments are only available in the US, with the exception of New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont and West Virginia.

Thomas Keller luxury gourmet gift sets

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