first wearable technology, the HeadLamp 330, is now available at
retailers nationwide following an impressively sold-out Kickstarter
campaign last fall. Thanks to their proprietary 3D SlimFit Construction,
the innovative device promises the elimination of the annoying bounce
at the front end usually experienced with other headlamps. This is
achieved through a slim fit band with electronics built in, promising
new levels of comfort for wearers. With a front profile of only 9mm and
weighing only 69g, the headlamp sits flush on the forehead without worry
of bounce or slippage. You will forget you?re wearing it. The LED panel
sits at the front and pumps out 330 lumens in one of four modes: dimmed
white spot, dimmed white flood, red flood and strobe. The rechargeable
battery (via a Micro USB) means you can leave the alkalines behind.
Available now in 4 colors. watch the video below

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