Insta360, a company that makes 360-degree video recording accessible to the masses, has
introduced a groundbreaking foldable camera that shoots both 180 3D and 360-degree interactive video! The Insta360 EVO
VR camera has two halves with one lens each, when facing the same way
it can capture 5.7K 180-degree 3D video and 18-megapixel 180-degree 3D
photos, but fold it in half and things switch to full 360. Besides the
usual formats like JPEG and MP4, the camera can also shoot DNG RAW files
and LOG video. The EVO builds in time-lapse video modes, as well as an
HDR mode to capture high contrast scenes. For stills, the camera has
both auto and manual modes. Connect it to the Insta360 app over Wi-Fi
and you can stream your 5.7K footage straight to it. But the fun really
starts when you have a VR headset such as the Oculus Go or Samsung Gear
VR. watch the video below

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