Super73 have
announced the very cool “R-Series,” which will be their new
top-of-the-line electric motorbikes. The new bicycle meets motorcycle
hybrid, at first glance, definitely looks more moto than pedal-powered,
but requires no motorcycle license to ride. The new R bikes feature an
aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy frame and swingarm fitted with adjustable
front and rear suspension that includes preload, compression, and
rebound adjustments, which means that riders can tune the system for
their desired riding style. Moving the beast is a 960 watt-hour battery
and an internally geared, 2000-watt brushless DC hub motor, a
combination that provides up to 40 miles of unassisted, 20mph biking, or
up to 75 miles in pedal-assist mode. There are also four pedal-assist
levels: Eco, Tour, Sport, and Super. You can charge the e-bike in around
5-6 hours on a standard outlet, and with the included app, your ride
data will always be within a touch of a button. watch the video below

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