The Ventra Mainframe is a new breathable, removable backpack frame compatible with any backpack on the market. It is designed to keep your back cool, dry and comfortable while carrying up to a 60lbs (27kg) load. Weighing at about 11 ounces (350g), the lightweight backpack accessory consists of an aluminum frame with a fabric mesh suspension that?s shaped to wear over the contours of the users back. The frame fastens to your pack in seconds, and puts a small amount of distance between your back and any backpack you?re hauling, giving your back proper ventilation and additional support. The device is available in three colors and three sizes, depending on the length of your torso. watch the video below

To celebrate bike to work day and summer being right around the corner, Ventra is offering 30% off all Mainframe purchases through the end of May.

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